Derbyshire Beekeepers


British Beekeeper’s Association

This is the site of the British Beekeeping Association. Look here for details of Genetically Modified Organisms sites, and other beekeeping associations. If you are a member of Derbyshire Beekeeper’s Association then you’re also an indirect member of the BBKA

Bee Craft

Bee Craft is the Official Journal of the British Beekeepers’ Association. It is published 12 times a year in colour A4 format and posted directly to all subscribers.

The National Honey Show

This is the place to go for information about the National Honey Show, an annual showcase and competition for honey and other hive products. The National Honey show is held at St George’s College, Weybridge, Surrey.

Derbyshire County Show

The Derbyshire Beekeepers Association have a tent with beekeeping displays and honey sales as well as other activities at the Derbyshire Country Show each year.

National Bee Unit (BeeBase)

These are the pages of the National Bee Unit of the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA). Look here for details of current issues relating to bee bealth, and advice on how to diagnose and prevent bee diseases.

DEFRA Bee Health Webpages

These are the pages of the UK government’s Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs that are related to bee health. Look here for details of current issues related to bee health as well as the current legislation related to beekeeping.

Food Standards Agency

These are the pages of the UK government’s Food Standards Agency. Look here for details of current regulations related to packing, labelling and selling Honey.

Rothamsted Research

This extensive site is maintained by Rothamsted Research. It is searchable, enabling you to find many other published articles relating to beekeeping.