Derbyshire Beekeepers

About The DBKA

Association History

Our Association was established in 1881. Our first president was His Grace the Duke of Devonshire.

Among our Vice Presidents were many nobilities including Lord Howard of Glossop, Lord Scarsdale and The Archdeacon of Derby, our current president is Mike Cross.

In 1882 there were 120 members. The annual subscription in those days was five shillings for gentlemen and two and six for cottagers.

In 1897 a note in a member’s record book showed he collected 250 pounds from his 14 colonies.

In 1906, the cost of sugar to feed the overwintering bees was 2.5d (1p) per pound and honey was sold at 1/- a pound (5p).

In 2005, The Association had about 130 members and growing, including some thirty Burton on Trent Branch members.

In 2012, The Association had around 300 members, including some 80 Burton on Trent members.

In 2017, the Burton Branch became large enough to stand on its own and reformed as the independent Burton and District Beekeepers Association.

In 2020, as social distancing became all the rage, we continued to meet for our monthly meetings via zoom.

In 2021 we were again able to meet together in person. We were pleased to see our numbers grow, especially with many younger people having taken an interest during lockdown.

It’s 2022, and we are looking forward to some great events , as well as being able to meet together for our monthly meetings.

Membership Benefits

Beekeeping is a fascinating and absorbing craft but there can be problems for the beginner. By joining the local association you will have the opportunity to meet other beekeepers and gain from their experience.

Membership of the Association includes:

  • Membership of Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd, which provides compensation against loss of equipment and bees due to destruction orders by the Department of Food and Rural Affairs officers.
  • A programme of meetings throughout the year which caters for the educational and social needs of members.
  • The services of bee advisers who are available when you need help.
  • An association newsletter issued at quarterly intervals which offers free advertising for members and from which you can buy second hand equipment at bargain prices.
  • Public liability insurance