Derbyshire Beekeepers


To apply for new membership please fill in the Google form below and we will contact you to sort out the details.

To renew a membership if you have not been contacted, please fill out the form also.

If you have any problems, please contact the membership secretary using the Contact form to request a paper version.

Membership always runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st irrespective of when you join in the year.

This membership fee includes membership of the BBKA (British Beekeepers Association) apart from the Associate membership which is just membership of the Derbyshire Beekeepers Association.

Membership Rates for 2022:

  • Ordinary Member: £32.00
  • Junior Member: £20.00
  • Senior Citizen: £28.00
  • Associate Member: £10
  • Family Membership: £32 for the main beekeeper, plus £27 per additional household member that will manipulate the bees.