Derbyshire Beekeepers

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Use the form below to email one of the following people:

  • DBKA General Secretary (Marie O’Gorman) with general enquiries about the association, requests for show stands, spray liaison notifications etc.
  • DBKA Membership Secretary (Jeremy Jones) with enquiries about membership of the  Derbyshire Beekeepers association
  • DBKA Chairman (Mike Hannay) with general enquiries about the association, and requests for presentations, lectures etc.
  • Training Coordinator (Thelma Robinson) with enquiries about training courses, or the DBKA training apiary
  • Newsletter Editor (Samantha Ruth) with any enquiries about the newsletter, and anything not covered above
  • Website Editor (Andy Sutherland) with any enquiries about the (awesome) website
  • Introduction to Beekeeping course organiser (Judith Orchard) for booking a place on the course

NB: Don’t use this email form for swarm collection, you can get a prompt response using the page on swarms elsewhere on this site where you can find a local swarm collector’s contact details.

Before getting in touch about colonies of bees, have a look out our advice on bees nests page.